Survivors Living Their best Lives

Who are the survivors?

16.9 million Americans, or 5% of the population


You do not have to look hard in your life to find someone that has survived Cancer and the subsequent treatment.


The Success of a Cancer Survivor Affects Us All


Fifty years ago a fraction of children diagnosed with cancer lived to see their next birthday. Today however, kids with cancer have a remarkable 85 percent survival rate. As childhood cancer survivors grow into adulthood, we are learning more about the potential physical, emotional and other long-term side effects of their cancer treatments.

Up to two-thirds of childhood cancer survivors experience late effects. Most remain unaware of their health risks and unfamiliar with how to reduce them.

Later in life, it doesn’t get easier. The challenges can be overwhelming and lead one to the streets and homelessness.

Large hospital bills and lack of support can be the beginning of the end for many.



Homeless with Cancer


Survivors leave a hospital



Average Hospital Payment




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