The smallest of things can make the difference in a survivor’s path

Donate Money Now

We accept cars, boats, and any vehicle.

  • Free Fast Pick Up of any Vehicle by Experienced Professional

  • Lost Title, Expired Registration, NO Problem 

  • Highest Value Tax Deduction 

  • We Handle all the DMV Work 

  • All Donations go to Directly to Survivor Squad 

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Industrial Equipment

  • Your Distressed or Idle Equipment Can Make a Difference

  • If it Has (or Should Have) a Motor, We Will Take it -Whether it is Running or Not.

  • Avoid Expensive Transfer and Selling Costs

  • Get Rid of Depreciating Assets

  • Eliminate Burdensome Maintenance and Storage Costs

  • Let Professionals Maximize Your Tax Benefits

  • Free Pick-Up on Your Schedule

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Industrial Material and Building Supplies

  • Your Surplus/Unwanted Inventory Can Help a Cancer Survivor

  • We specialize in Liquidating Excess, Overstock, or Damaged Industrial Materials.

  • Stop Spending Money on Reverse Logistics and Get Maximum Value for Your Materials & Supplies

  • Get the Maximum Tax Write-off

  • Turn Cluttered, Wasted Space Into Revenue-Producing Space

  • We Pick up at Your Convenience

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